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World Champion Town Crier - Chris Wymann - on the streets of Perth during the Festival of Good Cheer (2004)
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In yesteryear, the town crier was essential for spreading the news around town. This section will keep you up to date with the latest News from Downtown Heritage Perth Ontario.

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Experimental Map of Perth Implemented in Google Maps

Google Maps has introduced a new feature called "My Maps". It allows for easy development of specialized maps for an area. CyberSpace Industries 2000 Inc. has developed an introductory map of Perth. To explore go to My Map - Perth.. CyberSpace Industries hopes to introduce a shopping tour of Downtown Heritage Perth shortly on its "all-about-perth.com" site to replace the current shopping tour of Perth.

CTV announces Four Communities Selected as Canada AM's Community Challenge Winners

CTV declares Perth a Winner!

Photos from the Classic car event in Perth Ontario

In the summer of 2006, 100 classic cars and over 350 members of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada converged on Perth for a week to celebrate their annual Tour to Yesteryear. If you missed the event, here are a few of the cars that showed up. Can you name these classic cars?

Downtown Heritage Perth wins CTV's Community Challenge Contest

The Downtown Heritage Perth Business Improvement Area (DHPBIA) submitted an entry into CTV's "Wake Up a Winner Community Challenge" contest. On the Canada AM National morning show, on 30 August, it was anounced that Perth was one of four winning entries from across Canada.

See the DVD!

On Thursday September 21, CTV televised the Canada AM and "Breakfast with Jeff" National morning show from the streets of Downtown Heritage Perth. The show ran from 6:30AM to 9:00AM. Breakfast was served and Jeff featured many interesting and historical places from this spectacular Heritage Town. As well as breakfast, the town provided entertainment and interesting displays.

News from Perth's Town Crier

For news about Perth's Official Town Crier (Brent McClaren) visit his site.

"...Christmas shopping the way it was meant to be"

The Ottawa Citizen paid a visit to Perth for their next installment of their Country Christmas shopping series. If you missed it - check out the article written by Kathryn Young, The Ottawa Citizen [Published: Saturday, December 03, 2005]

This article came about due to the work of the BIA Advertising and Promotion Committee. A "packaging" sub-committee developed three promotional packages containing information about Perth and discount coupons to various stores and restaurants. Peggy Paul of the Tay Crossing Fashion Boutique was instrumental in gathering all the material from merchants and restaurants that went into these packages. One package was used to enter a CJOH contest for the best town in Canada; the second package was used by an Ottawa radio station (Majic 100) for one of their contests, and the final package was sent to the Travel Editor of the Ottawa Citizen. They sent Kathryn Young to report on what she found in her visit. The published article was very favorable and concluded what we all know in Downtown Heritage Perth - that Perth should be your preferred destination for shopping. Over 80 shops and restaurants provide provide big city shopping at a small town pace. Friendly shopkeepers and citizens, great restaurants, Victorian downtown. Perth has been for over a century what many retailers in the US are currently striving for. They call them lifestyle centres - but they are only a simulation of what Perth already is.

The brochure referred to in the article is available on this site. Your Quick Guide to the Merchants of Downtown Perth and Where to Eat in Heritage Downtown Perth will give you a handy pocket guide to the Downtown Area.

The Hungry Planet and Harry and Rosie's restaurants were mentioned favourably. This is not the first time the Hungry Planet got favorable reviews from the Citizen. Check out the Saturday, October 15, 2005, Ottawa Citizen review of The Hungry Planet.

"Perfection in Perth" - the Ottawa Citizen review of The Hungry Planet

On Saturday, October 15, 2005, the Ottawa Citizen (Anne DesBrisay) reviewed The Hungry Planet in Perth.

Free Gallery Space Available for Local Artists

Are you an artist? Are you looking for a new and exciting venue to share your work with an appreciative audience? The Gallery at the Studio Theatre is presently seeking local artists to show their work during the 2005-2006 season. The gallery is located in both the upper and lower foyers of Perth's Studio Theatre. The Gallery at the Studio Theatre does not charge gallery fees but artists are asked to make a financial donation to the Studio Theatre if a piece of their work sells as a result of their showing.

Over the last few years, many local artists have used the Gallery at the Studio Theatre to show their work to several hundred people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience it. These artists have included Joy McLenaghan, Karen Philips-Curran, John Kessel, Dirk Mietzker, Wenna Doig, the PDCI art students of Rhonda Johnson, Rosemary Kralik, the art collective Five Women and Some Art, Roy Martin and Dorothy Black. If you are interested in showing your work in the Gallery at the Studio Theatre or would like further information please contact the Studio Theatre. The Perth Theatre Project's Studio Theatre is Perth's only performing arts space. The Studio Theatre is located in beautiful, downtown heritage Perth, at 63 Gore Street East, overlooking the Crystal Palace and the Tay Basin. It is a not-for-profit theatre run by community volunteers for the community. Contact the Studio Theatre at 267-SHOW (267-7469) or perthstudiotheatre@yahoo.ca .

shop-heritage-perth.com updated

July 26, 2005 - A major update of the shop-heritage-perth.com site was released. This release reflects the final design of the display in the lobby of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa - being organized around the four major theme areas (Heritage Town; Shop and Dine; Festivals and Theatre; and Family Fun). This site is an essential information resource for those interested in visiting Perth for Shopping and other activities.

National Arts Centre Display

Official unveiling of the Downtown Heritage Perth display in the lobby of the National Arts Centre

July 20, 2005 - 9AM - Downtown Heritage Perth revealed a permanent display mounted in the lobby of the National Arts Centre (NAC) in Ottawa. This display was in the lobby of the NAC for 2 years and was seen by over 2 million visitors and patrons . Hugh Chatfield (Editor: Downtown Merchants Newsletter) congratulates Mary Colleen Chatfield (Chair: BIA Advertising and Promotions Committee) on the official unveiling of this dynamic display intended to inform Ottawa residents and visitors about this spectacular shopping destination less than an hour soutwest of Ottawa.

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Canada Connects featured the shop-heritage-perth.com site as an example of how even small enterprises have access to syndicated news feed technology. Mention of this in the online magazine drove over 3000 visitors to the site almost overnight.

Perth Courier going strong after 170 years

The Perth Courier Offices on Gore Street

Talking about news - our local newspaper, is the second-oldest weekly in Canada - The Perth Courier was founded in 1834, and is one of the few old weeklies which until very recently was independently owned and operated.