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Fiddleheads restaurant in the Code's Mill Building at the corner of Herriott and Wilson
Locate Merchants/Restaurants in Downtown Heritage Perth
Search for Merchants/Resturants Want to locate a store or restaurant in Downtown Heritage Perth? - try the following new service from Google. When you click on the "MERCHANT" button, you will be presented with a map of Perth Ontario with a few merchants already on the map. In the search bar at the top, replace "perth merchant" with the name of the merchant or restaurant you are searching for. For example, to find Codes Mill - replace "perth merchant" with "Codes Mill" and press "Search Maps".
Please note that the pins that show up on the map are only accurate to the block that the store is on - not the precise location in that block. For each merchant/restaurant that is listed you can usually get more information (such as address, phone number and web site) as well as driving instructions on how to get thereby clicking on the name in the list to the right.

Your ability to find a merchant, is dependent on that particular merchants success in getting their information into online directories and websites. Not all merchants/restaurants are guaranteed to be found this way.

Downtown Heritage Perth boasts more than 70 boutiques, specialty shops and award winning restaurants all within walking distance of any of the downtown parking lots.