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Downtown Heritage Perth - Tay River - looking towards Gore Street East
Perth - Founded in 1816.

Many people are surprised to learn that what they see when they zip through Perth on Highway 7, is not Downtown Heritage Perth. To find Downtown Heritage Perth, you have to get off Highway 7 at Wilson Street and head for the "business section". You will pleased to discover that the original 1800's downtown, with it's heritage stone buildings and beautiful setting beside the Tay Canal remains much as it was built by the first settlers in Perth.

"Founded in 1816, Perth was one of three military settlements established after the War of 1812 in the Rideau Corridor. The British government wanted a trained, fighting force close at hand should the Americans attack Upper Canada again. Disbanded soldiers and half-pay officers from several regiments, including two from Switzerland, were given land grants commensurate in size with their rank. Britain also provided financial assistance for civilians in Scotland to emigrate to the Perth Military Settlement and development of the region began in earnest."

The above is part of an article witten by Susan Code - a local writer/historian who conducts historic tours around town in the summertime.

Today these buildings are occupied by over 70 boutiques, shops, restaurants, specialty stores, a museum, an active theatre, a Farmers' Market, Crafts Market and Flea Market, along with the very peaceful Stewart Park in the centre of town. In a compact space of 4 or 5 blocks you will find everything to make your shopping trip to Downtown Heritage Perth a memorable lifestyle experience.

So Treat a Friend or Family (or just yourself) to Perth today!

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