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Foster Street North - Corner of Gore Street
Locate Products / Services in Downtown Heritage Perth
Search for Products/Services Want to locate where in Downtown Heritage Perth to buy a particular product? maybe find a service? - try the following new service from Google. When you click on the "PRODUCT" button, you will be presented with a map of Perth. Type the product name in the search bar and press the "Search Maps" button.
For example, try "lingerie", "gift", "inflatable", "furniture" or "restaurant" to see what Google finds for you.

The search will present you with a map listing those stores, restaurants or businesses (if any) that match your search criteria. Please note that the pins that show up on the map are only accurate to the block that the store is on - not the precise location in that block. For each merchant/restaurant that is listed you can usually get more information about them and driving instructions on how to get there by clicking on its name in the list to the right. Also note that Google can only find those businesses that have a web presence. If you know the business is in Perth, but searches on product give you no reference - try typing in the exact business name. They usually have a presence in the on-line phone books.
You will also note that when you search on a product it will also list this product available in stores other than Perth - but the further you get away from Perth, the further down in the search order you will find the business.
Downtown Heritage Perth boasts more than 70 boutiques, specialty shops and award winning restaurants all within walking distance of any of the downtown parking lots.

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