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Horse Drawn Carriage in front of Victoria Hall (now part of the Great War Memorial Hospital) circa 1911. [from Perth Museum Archives {#85}]
Where to Park in Downtown Heritage Perth?

Where do you recommend to park?

Once in Downtown Heritage Perth, we recommend that you park in one of the many parking areas illustrated on the following map. Parking is free on the weekends, and only a couple of 'toonies' to park the entire day during weekdays. [For our out of country visitors - 'loonies' are the $1 coin (due to the loon on the back) - 'toonies' are the Canadian $2 coin (since they are two dollars, who could resist "loonie/toonie")].

Downtown Heritage Perth - Where to Park?

You pay at parking machines, obtain a ticket and leave it visible in your windshield. So look for the nearest machine once you park. Sometimes they are hard to find. If you park in the lot beside Code's Mill, you have to climb the stairs at the back of the lot to find the machine. Also beware - you will find that there is not a sign at every parking machine, but parking is free on Saturdays and Sundays, so you are not required to feed the machine.

Free Parking on the Streets

Although we strongly recommend you use one of the parking lots, there is free 2 hour parking on downtown streets where designated. This parking is paid on your behalf by the merchants of Downtown Heritage Perth. If you see a parking meter, you need to feed it. If you see one of the following signs (shown here in close-up):

Free Parking Sign in Downtown Heritage Perth

The meaning of this may not be clear to you. An example will illustrate. If you park at 9:15AM you can park anywhere in the complimentary parking area for up to two hours (or until 11:15AM). You are allowed to move within this time period, so you could move your car from one end of town to the other within this 2 hour time limit. Once the 2 hours is up, the five hour window means you cannot repark again until after 2:15PM. After 2:15 you get 2 additional houts of free parking.

The above example assumes you were logged into the parking system by one of the parking officers at 9:15AM. In practice, you may be logged in at a slightly later time, giving you some extra minutes of parking (but don't count on it). The parking officers have hand held computers to enter your licence number. So beware - the parking hours are associated with the car, not the driver. If two different people use the same car in the same day, you could be caught unaware and receive a fine..

Public Washrooms?

Sometime during the day - you will probably wonder where these are located. There are two sets of public washrooms.

One is in the small building behind the Crystal Palace in the Tay River Basin (Drummond Street side). Note that the entrances are on the Canal side - the doors on the other side are always locked.

Washrooms behind the Crystal palace - entrances on Canal side

The other is directly across Gore Street in the City Hall Building, with entry from the outside on the south side of the building. The washrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Washrooms at City Hall are wheelchair accessible


For more 'official information' about town parking regulations, visit the Town of Perth Site.