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Downtown Heritage Perth - Gore Street East - Young shoppers enjoy the displays at the Sheriff's House - now the Tay Crossing
More than 70 boutiques, specialty shops and restaurants welcome you

Downtown Heritage Perth is a jewel of a shopping destination just a short hop South-West of Ottawa.

Be sure to visit "MerchantsThis is only a partial list of the merchants you will find in Downtown Heritage Perth" for some of the downtown merchants, and download the "Pocket GuideThis handy trifold brochure lists all the merchants and resturants in Downtown Heritage Perth" for a complete listing of all the shops and restaurants in Downtown Heritage Perth.

Now, since you could shop anywhere, and probably a lot closer to your home - why on earth would you want to shop in Perth? There are plenty of mega-malls and big box farms around you - but think about the last time you visited one of these.

Doesn't it seem that every last mall in North America is the same old, same old - anywhere you might visit? Do you yearn for something different? Something perhaps a little more personal? Some place where the store knows all about its products and can assist you make an informed decision? Maybe a return to yesteryear, where the pace is a little slower, and the shop keepers have time to stop and chat.

Downtown Heritage Perth offers you a shopping destination with a difference. The town consists of architecturally preserved buildings from the 1800's and early 1900's. The streets in summer are filled with baskets and planters of gorgeous flowers. Many of the restaurants and pubs offer outdoor cafes, many overlooking the Tay Basin or Tay Canal. A Museum sits on the main street of Perth, with its rooms decorated much as a Victorian family might have decorated them. Behind the massive stone City Hall sits the tranquil green space of Stewart Park - always seeming to be several degrees cooler on the hottest day of summer.

Perth is, and has been for quite a while, a perfect example of what is currently touted as the hottest retail trend in the USA - a lifestyle centre. This San Fransico Chronicle articleArticle by Pia Sarkar, Chronicle Staff Writer, about the hottest new retail trend in North America tells what these lifestyle centres are. Typically these are merely simulations of a small downtown area, and the shops are the same old, same old, mass merchandizing global enterprises - whereas Perth is an authentic 1800's downtown with most of its shops and boutiques having the owner in the store..

Right in Downtown Heritage Perth - Behind City Hall - the tranquil Stewart Park

Facing Stewart Park, behind City Hall is an old fashioned band stand where the oldest Citizen's Band in Canada still exists, plays regularly and continues to entertain listeners after 150 years.

The Band Shell is still used by the oldest Citizen's Band in Canada - the Perth Citizen's Band. Perth Citizens' Band Concert

The town is busy all year long with special Festivals, Fairs, and other events to entertain youThe all-about-perth.com site lists the annual events in town.. For a more detailed list of happenings in town, see this list maintained by the Town of PerthThis provides you with a detailed, day by day calendar of events in town.. The Perth Theatre Project's Studio Theatre, that overlooks the Crystal Palace and the Tay Basin, provides space for Perth's many theatre company's. Barndoor Productions for example, will be presenting more Marks Brothers Read all about the fabulous Marks Brothers; Canada's Kings of Repertoire - the most remarkable theatrical family in Canadian history. Melodramas this summer [No not the Marx Brothers - the Marks Brothers. Macleans Magazine in 1958 said they were - "the most remarkable theatrical family in Canadian history. The dazzling Marks Brothers were the greatest impresario performers of our small town stage in the era before the nickelodeon."]

The Crystal Palace was constructed from the former glass enclosures along Rideau Street in Ottawa. This facility is the summer home for the Crystal Palace Market on Saturday Mornings throughout the summer. Visit the market for a selection of fine crafts and home made produce

The Crystal Palace is situated on the Tay Basin

The Perth Farmers' MarketVisit the Perth Farmer's Market web site for more information on their vendors and events., whose vendors provide a wide range of local produce and educational exhibits have returned to the downtown area for 2007. They will be operating out of Market Square beside Town Hall.

At the edge of town, on Sunset Blvd, is the Garden for the BlindA brief look at the garden, with some of its history, a garden specific designed top allow blind people to enjoy the sounds, fragrances and textures of a garden.

In a 4-5 block downtown area, all within walking distance of any of the parking lots, there are over 70 shops, boutiques, specialty stores, antique stores, flea market (with over 40 vendors), restaurants [Two of our restaurants have been featured in "Where to Eat in Canada"], and pubs who offer you an array of goods and excellent dining far better than any mall - anywhere. However, do expect far more than you will find in any mall or big box store.

Collectively, the merchants of Downtown Heritage Perth represent 1000 years of retail experience - all for your shopping benefit. Perth is more than a shopping destination - it's a lifestyle.

The Tay Canal at Gore Street.  Mexicali Rosas overlooks the water - the tourist bureau in the background now occupies the old firehall

Grab a friend. Bring the kids. Stay the day; maybe even the night! We say 'aged to perfection' - you may simply find perfection for the day! Perth.

Downtown Heritage Perth - Aged to Perfection